• News story: Earthquake

    Keep calm it's just an earthquake!

    News story: Earthquake

     Earthquakes are so common in Taiwan... And local people seems really like they totally careless. However, yesterday four happen in the day, and for the first time I felt them!

    Even if these earthquakes epicenter was not in Taichung, but in Hualien, here, the felt earthquake was at 3! It's a very weird feeling, for the first one I was in my room trying to work and suddenly everything began to tremble, I looked out the window and I saw the building moving. It is really very strange, I felt my body disconnected from my mind. In addition, they lasted a very long few seconds.

    During one of them, I was in the street so I didn’t felt it, but the others yes. Four in one day, it is a lot! But even if it’s the little panic at the beginning, because it’s my first time, this is not very serious and we calm down quickly because it’s very common here and building are (suppose to be) built for it….

    Strange experience!  

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