• Night Markets _ Social rituals, cutural habits

    In ancient China, the night markets were known as market ghost... Today, the Night market are an integral part of Taiwanese culture. They offer a wide variety of authentic foods, drinks, but also unique Taiwanese products. Very practical and inexpensive, they play a very important role in the life of the Taiwanese.


    Night Markets

    Agathe and I reside in a night market. Specifically Dong Hai be, but also called "Tunghai des Champs Elysées”. Obviously, if you have already been once in your life on the Champs Elysées you will realize well that the resemblance is not striking! It makes me more think about Times square to Champs Elysées, maybe because all these light panels which engulf the streets.

    It really is around 4 p.m. the streets begin to animate. Motorcycles drive hundreds and the streets are swarming with curious passers-by or people come to their diner. When you see it for the first time, it's like a shock... All kinds of drinks and food are lined up on stalls by the hundreds. There is everything! Ranging from chicken feet and duck head, Stinky tofu and also a lot of different fruits… I admit that for the moment I have not yet eaten these street foods, because this food is less enticing for my french belly... It will take me probably a while before me at the thought of eating one of these things.

    One thing that also impressed me here, it's the smell... The stalls, but also the street (maybe sewers) off a lot of odor, and not when it's really very unpleasant.


    However, it is nice to stroll, we learn much about their way of life and their culture. But if it's very different, I me there quickly adapted and there is good live!

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