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    Providence University   ~   PU   ~   靜宜大學


    Founded in 1920, PU is a Catholic co-educational institution based in Taichung, Taiwan.

    The story goes back to the 20s when an American congregation,  Mother Marie Gratia Laking and five Sisters, came to China for create the first girls' Elementary and High School. But in 1929 the school was force to close because of the political turbulence. It is in May 1949 that Mother Maria and the sisters established an Catholic English Supplementary in Taichung. Since the university continue to expand and increase its fame across the world. 


    Today the university has 5 faculties/college:

    • Foreign Languages and Literature
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Science
    • Management
    • Computing and Informatic

    Here, teachers are also researchers and professionals, most of them have travel around the world, that's make them really interesting with a good English level. 


    Providence University ~ University profile











    Providence University principal entrance and map


    The semester starts on February 24th.

    It was 9a.m when I cross the floor of the campus. It was so big that I was almost lost. Hopefully for me, I wasn't alone! Two days before, I met some other exchange students. So we decided to go to the university all together for feel less alone.

    After the different speeches of the director and chairman we went choose our course; wich it was quite complicated because some course that we have chosen in France weren't available. I decided to take Brand Management, Human Resources, Macroeconomics and Tourism management. After one months of class, I can say I'm really glad about that courses! They are very interesting and teachers are patient and flexible with exchange students.


    I will tell you about our integration days in an other article, see you soon. 

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