• Raining month

    It is a non-stop raining week!

    I didn't, until now, never suffered of tropical rain. However, if may it was suppose to be the "raining month", but it had managed to escape… until now!

    I have never seen so much rain in such a long time, I did a short video so you can realize: clic here


    Yesterday I went out 10 min and in this very short while, my shoes and me clothes were wet as never… Even with an umbrella!
    But I had noticed that here, more part of people wear flip-flops or shorts when it is raining, so this is what I did; and I must say that it is much more practical, at least our clothes are dry much more quickly.


    However, as much water is required to cause damage. So I watched the news and I saw that these tropical rains had caused some damage to the South of Taiwan. In some southern cities like Kaohsiung (2nd largest city of the island),  schools and some parts of the city as were closed and traffic has been suspended... Unfortunately, this has not prevented all accidents, a couple has been carried away by the river that has overwhelmed, and the accumulation of water caused a landslide that came hurter one car...  


                                 Heavy rain brings flooding across south of the country Rainfall causes turmoil in south Rainfall causes turmoil in south

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