• Taichung City _ Symbol

    It is now a week that I arrived in Taichung, it is therefore time to tell you a bit about the city in which I will leave over the next five months.

    Taichung, or 臺中市 which means in Chinese « center of Taiwan » is a city in center-western of Taiwan. It was founded in 1721 with the arrival of settlers attracted by its microclimate and geography. It is today the third largest city of the island, after Taipei and Kaoshing, with a population over 2 million inhabitants. Taichung is not the most typical Taiwanese city, but its recent development and its merger in 2010 with a country surrounding it make it a very dynamic city with two downtowns and a lot of universities.

    Taichung City

    This is the flag and the seal of Taichung

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