• The end of an incredible experience

    That's it, it is time to say goodbye, my exchange semester nearing the end. 

    I spent five incredible months here, I quickly made to this place and even if there were some shorts moments of blues and lack, I keep only the positive. In any case I regret my choice and I'm proud of choose this destination. If it again, I'll go back directly. This experience opened my eyes and taught me more about myself and another world, another culture... 


    That country, all the amazing people I met and all the crazy moments I spent will miss me so much!!! It is time to return to reality; even if I'm happy to return to my family and my friends, this farewell breaks my heart.

    Everything I can say, is thanks Taiwan, thanks, to everyone I could met here, and to my school which gave me this amazing opportunity. 


    It is now time to go home...


    The end of an incredible experience

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