• The Government in Taiwan

    Organization of the Government in Taiwan: 

    The Government in Taiwan consists of the Chef of the government and fives large pointed stars called Yuans.
    There are the Yuans:

    • Executive
    • Legislative 
    • Judicial
    • Of the examinations 
    • Of the control


    The leader of the government is the Chief. He is the head of the armed forces and represents the nation from other States. In addition, he appoints the Chairmen of four of the five Yuans, including the head of the Executive Yuan (or Prime Minister). The president and the vice-president of the Republic are elected at direct universal suffrage for a term of 4 years, renewable once.

    Taiwan is a young democracy founded on the principles of Dr. Sun Yat - Sen. The constitution of the Republic was promulgated on 1 January 1947 and entered into force on 25 December. During the years 10dernieres, the text has been amended several times.

    The Government in Taiwan

    Actual President of Taiwan
    Ma Ying-Jeou


    The institutions: 

    • President of the government 
    • The Yuans
    • The political parts
    • The locals authorities




    The various political parts: 


    In 1986, the right of association appear in Taiwan. It is an important step in the political story of Taiwan, because it is the creation of the different political parts. There are around 137 parties, but only four of them have an important role:


    • The KMT (Guomindang)

     It is the first political party in Taiwan, it has nearly two million members. He ruled the country continuously for 51 until 2000, but picks up the head of the country in 2008, however with the 2012 elections, it loses some seats following corruption cases. It advocates a certain rapprochement with contains and a reunification of the country. 67 seats at the Parliament.


    • The DPP (Democrat Progressive Party or Minjindang)

    He won the presidential elections in 2000 and again in 2004, but today he became the main opposition political party. This is the party more left of Taiwan is account today more 150000 members. The party advocates Taiwan independence from China, the rise of salaries, reduction of the hours of work and the protection of the environment. 27 seats at the Parliament.


    • The PFP (People first Party or Qinmindang)

    Young party which rapidly imposing itself on the Taiwanese political scene. The founder, ex-member of the KTM party, retrieves with him part of the electorate of KTM disgusted of affairs of corruptions and other unfulfilled promises; thus dividing the electorate of the KTM. This is partly due to him if in 2000 the DPP candidate obtains a majority of votes in the presidential elections. However, today it is part of the "blue plan" which allowed the return of the KTM power. The PFP holds 3 seats in Parliament.


    • The TSU (Taiwan Solidarity Union)

    Young party founded in 2001. It is created by former supporter of the DPP. He however adopted a more radical position when the independence of Taiwan against mainland China. Since the elections of 2012, there are also 3 seats in Parliament


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