• Welcoming and intergreation in PU

    When the firsts courses arrived I must confess that I was a bit worried. How would happen our integration, is what we were going to meet people easily, would there be much stranger in the same situation as we...

    But hopefully, the university has created some special days for our integration:



    Day in Formosan Aboriginal Village and Sun Moon Lake:

    We arrived at place called Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. It is village which serves as a park, amusement place and meeting point with Sun Moon lake. We thus had the opportunity to do different things, as enjoy rides in the amusement park, joining Sun Moon Lake gondola or visit an Aboriginal village in order to learn more about the culture of Taiwan

    We were able to do everything!


    Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan. This beautiful alpine lake located in the Township of Nantou owes its name to the fact that a portion of the Lake (the eastern part of the Lake) is round like the Sun and the West side is in the shape of Crescent Moon. But in reality the resemblance is not striking.

    Welcoming and intergreation in PU

    It is really a beautiful place !

    Then we could visit the Aboriginal cultural village. The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village was founded in 1986 to preserve and teach 'taiwanese aboriginal heritagewhile'.
    A good place to discovered traditional homanes and architecture of taiwanese nine prinicpal aborigine tribes, and feel of what native Taiwanese villages and lifes looked like so many years ago.

    Welcoming and intergreation in PU





    Family and BBQ day


    This day was dedicated to meet other foreign students.

    Every foreign student is part of a family itself made up of other foreign students. In my family there are six Chinese, two Taiwanese and one Japanese. They are very nice, but the problem is that they speak very little English, so it is not easy to understand.

    This is me, with a part of my family. Welcoming and intergreation in PU

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